What do we mean Interactive VR?

Interactive VR technology for real estate pre-sales visualizations is a cutting-edge tool that enables potential buyers to experience a property in a completely immersive way. With interactive VR, buyers can explore a virtual environment and interact with it, allowing them to get a much better sense of the space and its features than traditional 2D or even 3D renderings could provide.

Immersive Interactive Technology

At Dreamlife we offer a range of interactive services. Below you will find a few highlights of some of our most common interactive technology.

360 Rotatable Exterior Models

Our latest offering is our cutting-edge rotatable 360 Exterior technology, which enables anyone to view your project from anywhere in the world with great detail. With this service, you can showcase every aspect of your project and offer an immersive experience to potential buyers or investors.

VR360 Exteriors

Our rotatable VR360 technology is an excellent tool for showcasing enclosed exterior areas like the courtyard example. It allows potential buyers to experience the space as if they were physically present, providing an immersive and detailed representation of the property.

VR360 Amenities

Using our rotatable VR360 points, we can create an interactive and engaging showcase of amenities, such as the one in this example. This allows potential buyers to fully explore and appreciate the space from every angle.

VR360 Interiors

Virtual Interior Tours allow potential buyers to experience the full extent of featured units without physically visiting the site. With this technology, buyers can explore the space at their own pace, see the layout and features of the unit in detail, and get a sense of the space’s atmosphere and functionality.

A Preview of Our Real-Time Interior VR Tour (UNREAL App)

The following is just a glimpse of one of our most frequently requested projects. If you’re interested, we can show you many more examples of how our Unreal Interactive Real-Time technology can be leveraged to create stunning interactive experiences.