Visualize Your High-Rise Building

Since every project is different, we’ve put together a quick overview of some of our typical services for high-rise buildings. We provide tailored solutions to ensure your high-rise project is showcased in the best possible way.

Here is an example of the Altaire Project which has a typical High-Rise scope

Aerial VIew

Tower View

Tower View

Entrance / Lobby

Amenity Rooftop Aerial Closeup

Jewelry Box View

Jewelry Box View



Yoga Room

Dining & Entertainment Amenity

Office Amenity

Entertainment Amenity

Entertainment Amenity

Outdoor Amenity

Outdoor Amenity

Kitchen - Light Scheme

Kitchen - Dark Scheme

Kitchen Closeup - Light Scheme

Kitchen Closeup - Light Scheme

Ensuite - Light Scheme

Ensuite - Dark Scheme

Primary Bedroom

Penthouse Unit

Sell Your Future High-Rise Building Today

3D renderings are a powerful tool for marketing mid-rise condo buildings, enabling developers to showcase the building’s architecture, interior design, and amenities in a way that feels real and tangible. By providing potential buyers with an immersive and interactive experience, you can increase interest, drive sales, and set your project apart from the competition.

Intimate Amenities

Creating intimate amenity renderings can help potential buyers or renters envision themselves enjoying the space. By paying attention to details such as lighting, texture, and furniture placement, we can create a realistic and inviting representation of the amenity area.

360 Rotatable Exterior Model: Preview Your Building Anywhere

Effortlessly Showcase Your High-Rise Building Project with Affordable and Fully Rotatable Digital Models for Your Sales Team.

Photorealistic Virtual Tours of entire units with a web-based VR Tour that works on any device.

Multiple Colour Schemes

Bring Life to Amenity Areas

By offering an interactive VR tour of your amenity space, you can provide potential buyers with an immersive experience that allows them to visualize themselves using the space. This can help to enhance their understanding of the value of the space and ultimately lead to increased sales.

Impactful Amenities for Your Property

Outdoor amenities are a great way to enhance the living experience of a building’s residents, and can include features such as rooftop decks, outdoor kitchens, and landscaped gardens. By showcasing these amenities through 3D renderings or VR tours, potential buyers can get a better sense of the outdoor spaces and envision themselves enjoying them.