King & Crescent


BC, Canada


Residential, Mid Rise


Consisting of four 6-storey woodframe buildings, King & Crescent will offer 411 strata homes with a diverse choice of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom floor plans to suit most homeowners. Amenities include a ground floor exercise room, a large lounge with a kitchen, and an adjacent patio for each building. 


3D Renderings

Interactive VR


18 Interior Renderings
1 Web-Based VR360 Interior Virtual Tour

Some Project Highlights

Spacious & Bright

One of the advantages of 3D Renderings is that it is possible to hide elements so we can work on the main goal of one image. In this case we are not showing the dining table and chairs, so we can focus on the Kitchen and Kitchen island. Showing the dining table would make the space feel cramped.

Careful Curation

Our team is meticulous in curating a selection of kitchen accessories that tastefully enhance the existing design without creating clutter or disrupting the flow of the space.

Layered Luxury

Small details like the inclusion of throw pillows and blanket or a cozy area rug can help add warmth and charm to a living room rendering.

Less is More

Here, we’ve added a statement dome light to anchor the dining table while keeping the table simple with a round tray, a floral arrangement, and minimal accessories in the center. As this rendering opens into the living room and offers a view into the bedroom, we have made sure to avoid clutter while still adding a touch of elegance to the space.

Primary Comfort

Creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in a bedroom is essential, and our team knows that the right bedding can make all the difference. With carefully selected plush pillows and a fluffy duvet, we ensure that every bedroom rendering feels cozy and welcoming.

A Cozy Closet

Our attention to detail extends to even the smallest aspects of your project, such as filling in the closets with clothing, shoes, and accessories, creating a fully immersive and realistic 3D rendering.

Simple Touches

A vase with delicate white flowers, a soap dispenser, a lit candle, and a minimalist art piece all come together to tie in the countertops, cabinets, and bronze finishes of this bathroom rendering.

A Guest Room & a Den

A secondary bedroom can become a great room with the right furniture. At Dreamlife we know this and our Staging Artist loves the challenge to make these rooms the best room of the home

A Thoughtful Daybed

The addition of a daybed to this den implies that the space can serve as both a functional living area and a comfortable guest room. We’ve elevated the room’s style and comfort by incorporating decorative pillows and blankets, resulting in a rendering of a versatile and inviting space.


3D Floorplan

A 3D Floorplans is a great tool to show potential buyers the layout of the house and to see specific areas to view details and materials.

Tons of Detail

A close crop of this 3D floor plan reveals the incredible level of detail that can be achieved in our renderings. Not only does it show walls and floors with finishes, but it also depicts appliances, furniture, decor, and their placements.

Additional Renderings

Once a unit is chosen to be represented in our VR Tours, there are also times where one or two additional renderings are required to show that nice space that belongs to another unit. 

A View From Another Unit

Amazing views in this living room that are worth the additional rendering.

Unique Lighting Conditions

The layout features two walls of windows that create a sun-washed space with natural light, which interacts beautifully with the furniture and textiles. We can create photorealistic renderings that showcase this effect and even highlight a lit candle that may otherwise be difficult to see in reality.

A Mixture of Textures

This close crop showcases the beautiful mix of textures and finishes in this bedroom, including layers of wood paneling, plaster, chenille upholstery with brushed cotton, and polished copper with matte bronze.

Natural light

How great it is to have an Ensuite with natural light and a window view!

The Perfect Towel

Creating a photorealistic towel model with the ideal balance of softness and defined folds can be a surprisingly challenging feat in the world of 3D rendering, but it’s a challenge we love to take on.

Fire & Flowers

By adding a lit candle and a dramatic vase with delicate flowers, we can create an impactful ambiance in a space with just a few simple additions.