BC, Canada


Residential, Mid-Rise


Located in Cloverdale, Harlo is an upscale collection of 130 condominiums and two exclusive 3-bedroom townhomes.


3D Renderings

3D Animation


4 Exterior Renderings
10 Interior Renderings
5 Amenity Renderings
4K 3D Animation Video

Some Project Highlights

A Hero View

A hero shot was chosen to highlight the neighbouring greenway and showcase how the wood-frame 6 story architecture harmonizes with its surroundings.

Always Space for Dogs

Take a closer look at this exterior 3D rendering, and you’ll spot two playful puppies romping in the distance – a nod to our team’s love for featuring furry companions in our designs.

More Than One Hero Shot

This view offers an excellent opportunity to showcase the sloping site of the project and its central entrance to parking. The scene is further animated with a car exiting the site, families strolling, and a couple of cyclists.

An Idyllic Scene

A closer crop reveals the fluffy tail of another furry friend walking off in the distance. Additionally, it provides a better view of the cyclists and pedestrians, as well as a gentleman relaxing on a corner bench on-site. These elements not only add dynamism to the scene, but also hint at the conveniently located biking and walking trails near the project.

Mt. Baker

This is a prime example of the stunning results that clear drone photography can produce. The rendering, which showcases the rooftop terrace, boasts unobstructed views of Mt. Baker.

Elevated Amenities

A close-up of the rooftop space highlights our team’s dedication to detail. The outdoor patio is thoughtfully rendered with a lounge area complete with a blazing fire pit, intimate cafe tables, and a BBQ station that separates a covered family dining area. Our rendering even showcases residents sharing a meal, grilling on the BBQ, and snapping a selfie!

Activated Amenities

The amenities continue outside, cascading down the hill with landscaping, garden plots, another outdoor kitchen and dining area, and children’s play areas. We’ve brought these features to life with a 3D rendering, showcasing kids and adults alike fully engaged and enjoying every aspect of this dynamic space.

Featured Fun

Cropping into the children’s outdoor play area in this photorealistic rendering, you’ll be amazed at the level of detail captured in our textures and models. The slide takes full advantage of the sloped site, while cushioned playmats and a sandbox with toys provide safe and stimulating play. Enjoy an up-close view of these features and more in this immersive rendering!

Grill & Dine Outside

Get a closer look at one of the outdoor integrated BBQ areas offered in this project. Enjoy a delicious meal with neighbors, friends, and family under the charmingly lit arbor, all while taking in the beautiful outdoor scenery. This rendering perfectly captures the inviting and communal atmosphere of this vibrant outdoor space.

Showcase Your Amenities

Emphasize the overall living experience and create a sense of community with an abundance of indoor and outdoor amenities. Beautifully rendered to allow viewers to imagine the possibilities.

An Impressive Lounge

Step into the ultimate game-day experience with this rendering featuring a full chef’s kitchen, comfortable sectional sofa, and large screen TV. The lounge seamlessly opens up to the outdoor dining and BBQ terrace, creating an ideal space for hosting friends and family for any occasion.

Form and Function

This close crop of the lobby captures the bold and dynamic atmosphere of the space. From the custom bench to the framed moss feature wall, every element adds texture and depth to the design. Peek behind the bench, and you’ll see the mail room, a testament to the functionality and practicality of the space. It’s an inviting and impressive entrance that sets the tone for the entire building.

A pic for the 'gram!

Step inside the on-site fitness center through our 3D rendering and you’ll see residents working up a sweat on treadmills, lifting weights, and taking a water break. But one resident stands out, looking flawless and Instagram ready to post on her stories.

Who's going to win?

The billiard room is brought to life with a dynamic scene – a fire roaring in the double-sided fireplace and two residents engaged in a friendly game. This space exudes a cozy yet luxurious atmosphere, with high-end finishes and carefully selected furnishings. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and socialize after a long day, or to entertain guests with a game of pool and drinks by the fire.

Space for Work

Take advantage of Harlo’s co-working space which includes desks for working independently and a separate rooms for meetings.

Space to Chill

Our team carefully selected and photoshopped 2D people with relaxed poses into our 3D renderings to give a sense of casual comfort in the chef’s kitchen and lounge areas. This rendering sets the tone for a space that invites relaxation and easy conversation among residents.

3D Interior Suite Renderings

Make It Yours

Harlo’s bright interiors are crafted for maximum living with multiple floorplans with which to match your lifestyle. 

Colour Schemes

As an offered add-on, we can create multiple colour schemes for our clients’ featured units ensuring that buyers have a beautiful visual comparison of the options. To facilitate easy comparison, the additional schemes are presented from the same angle as the primary one. 

Dinner is on!

Here, a minimalist kitchen with slab front cabinets and a monolithic countertop and backsplash is brought to life with evidence of a meal being prepared. An iPad displaying a recipe, a pot simmering on the stove, and a bread board adorned with a freshly baked sourdough loaf and a glass of wine all add to the dynamic scene.

Thoughtful Placements

Our job is to highlight the developer’s designs and showcase their attention to detail. In this rendering, we’ve added practical accessories like hooks, cutting boards, and a kitchen towel to the integrated rail on the kitchen island. These touches reflect the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the space, demonstrating our commitment to bringing our clients’ visions to life.

Catch the Details

Every close crop is an opportunity for an engaging and  beautiful image. In this image, we offer a peek from the warm monochromatic living space into a peaceful bedroom adorned in soothing shades of blue.

Elegant Selections

Bringing a plan and a simple collection of matching accessories and complimentary towels helps showcase this primary ensuite.