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Residential, Mid Rise


Bailey is a 6 storey concrete mid-rise located in the heart of Vancouver steps from Main Street and with views of Queen Elizabeth Park. To showcase the luxurious interior finishes of this exceptional property, we have highlighted a stunning 3-bedroom unit in our presentation.


3D Renderings

Interactive VR


2 Exterior Renderings
12 total Interior Renderings
Includes 2 Additional Colour Schemes
Web-Based VR360 Interior Virtual Tour

Some Project Highlights

Steps from
Main Street

At our studio, we take pride in creating signature renderings that truly capture the essence of each project. For this particular one, we put extra care into showcasing the beautiful architecture of the building as well as its proximity to the nearby main street. Due to the lack of available photos, we had to create the entire background from scratch which presented its own unique set of challenges.

An Aerial View

Highlighting a building in an aerial image can be a daunting task, as our technology can make each building look just as realistic as the next. To ensure the building truly shines, we added extra highlights to make it stand out amongst its surroundings.

An Aerial Closeup

A high-quality aerial rendering of a residential midrise project can contain a significant level of detail. As evidenced by the example provided, even the individual furnishings on balconies and privacy landscaping for ground floor patios can be included, along with a glimpse of the back courtyard’s protected play area.


Static Renderings Included in the Virtual Tour

These static renderings showcase a stunning 3-bedroom unit on the ground floor with a spacious walk-out patio and a den, providing families with a luxurious living space.

Changing Colour Schemes

As an offered add-on, we can create multiple colour schemes for our clients’ featured units ensuring that buyers have a beautiful visual comparison of the options. To facilitate easy comparison, the additional schemes are presented from the same angle as the primary one, as exemplified in the image below.

Deeper Dive Into The Details

Below you will find a series of closeup crops of the renderings to showcase some of the small details that we put into our renderings that are not as obvious when you look at the overall image. 

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect – The beautiful coupling of textures, from the reeded wood details in the millwork to the soft sofa upholstery, voluminous ceiling-height drapery, and cozy area rug, creates a comfortable and calming yet interesting rendering. The thoughtfully decorated shelving on the media unit adds a perfect touch to make the view seem lived-in and adaptable to personal style. An indoor plant even ties in with the beautiful front patio view through the windows, making it a perfect addition to this stunning living room design.

A Morning
Cup of Coffee

In this closeup of a modern bedroom with dark details, a linen and wood headboard, plush bed linens, and designer articulating bedside lamps set the tone for a stylish space. The addition of a cup of coffee and a pair of glasses gives it a personal touch, making it the perfect cozy retreat. 

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed

In this close up of a bedroom rendered with a lighter colour scheme, there are more feminine touches. A plush upholstered bed with luxurious bedding complemented by curvilinear wall lamps and delicate floral branches. A pair of slippers laid out on the soft rug adds a touch of coziness and warmth.

Sweet Dreams

This close-up of our playful kids’ bedroom rendering highlights a charming A-frame wood bed with bold graphic bedding that perfectly complements the quieter graphic wallpaper. The space comes to life with fun details such as star accent lighting, a wood car track, Mr. Fox, and a baseball and mitt, creating a magical and adventurous atmosphere.

Orderly Disorder

An “Orderly Disorder” approach to interior rendering can create a more realistic and lived-in feel. It’s all about balancing asymmetry and carefully curated details to create a sense of naturalness. By adding imperfections and variations in textures, colors, and shapes, the final result can appear more organic and less contrived, ultimately bringing a greater sense of authenticity to the space.

Showcasing a Different Kitchen Layout

We frequently receive requests from clients to feature an additional unit in their Virtual Tour, highlighting a different kitchen layout option. In this particular case, we focused on a smaller unit, showcasing the potential of combining the kitchen and dining area to provide potential buyers with a clear understanding of the layout options available to them.

More Details!

Don’t overlook the small but significant design details in additional units. Take a closer look at these closeup crops of the alternative kitchen layout to see the beauty in the details that may be missed in the overall image.

A Balance of Accessories

Finding the right balance between minimalism and maximalism is key to creating a realistic kitchen design. Too few accessories can make the space feel incomplete, while too many can create clutter. Aim for warmth without overloading the space.

A Lived-in Look

Adding simple touches like turning on a floor lamp and lighting a candle on a coffee table accessorized with a few books and a plant can make a space look more inviting and cozy. These small details can create a sense of warmth and relaxation, while still maintaining an attractive and polished appearance.